Brand New Christian? Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Posted on: 6 January 2015

If you are new to the Christian faith, you are probably trying to learn as much as you can. It takes time to understand how the spirit of God works, specifically the types of gifts that each Christian possesses. You have no doubt heard about these gifts but may not be sure which one you have, or if you have more than one. This guide helps you understand these spiritual gifts, given only by the Holy Spirit, so you'll know where you can best serve other church members as you grow in your faith.

The Gift of Ministry

Those who possess the gift of ministry are church builders. They are gifted if evangelizing, pastoring, prophesying and teaching. If you have this gift, your church leaders may call upon you to teach from the pulpit. However, leaders typically take a long time to confirm that a person has this gift, so that they are sure the gift is coming from the Holy Spirit and not the person who demonstrates these qualities.

The Gift of Manifestation

As you meet people in the church, you'll notice that some have the uncanny ability to heal, speak in tongues, provide wisdom and discern whether someone's motives are pure. These people have the gift of manifestation. These church members often pray for those who ask, and those who don't, and always have the church's best interests in mind. Note: Some who possess the gift of speaking in tongues also have the ability to interpret what the Holy Spirit is saying through that person, but not all people have this ability.

The Gift of Discernment

If you're approached by someone and you have a "feeling" in your stomach that you are being lied to, or that the person is not who they seem to be, then you might have the gift of discernment. The person who has this gift plays an important role in the church because they often protect the pastors from those who don't wish them well. These folks also find that they immediately know whether something, or someone, is good or evil while out in the world.

The Gift of Motivation

If you're a motivator among your family and friends, then you might already possess the motivational gift in the church as well. Motivators teach, encourage, demonstrate mercy and make great church leaders in various groups.

The Gift of Prophesy

As you grow in your Christian faith, you'll find that some have the gift of prophesy, which is to speak what will be, according to God's Word. They are not fortunetellers, but rather those who can determine what is going to happen depending on a person's situation and what the Bible says. This spiritual gift isn't usually a standalone gift. Instead, all Christians who possess one or more of the gifts above have the ability to prophesy.

Wait for your spiritual gifts to become evident so you'll know where you'll best be able to serve the church like Van Nest Assembly of God. Pastors and church leaders do not bestow any of these gifts upon their congregants; only the Holy Spirit can do that. Pray for your gifts and then use them to the best of your ability, keeping in mind that you may have more than one.