How To Build Your LDS Book Collection

Posted on: 12 January 2015

As an LDS member, you are probably always striving to learn and improve yourself while becoming closer and closer to your faith. One great way to do this is by building a nice LDS book collection. Not only can your library be enjoyable to read, but it can be a wonderful educational tool for you, your family and others who are close to you. However, you could be unsure of how to start building up your collection with solid literature. Fortunately, these ideas can all help you purchase the books that you need to establish your collection.

Look for an Online LDS Bookstore

To find rare, out-of-print LDS books and other rare literature, try an online LDS bookstore. Since these stores specialize in providing LDS families with the literature that they need, you can find some pretty uncommon choices to build your collection.

Let Your Church Know

Let your church know that you are looking to build a strong collection of LDS-related reading material. Your church can then keep you in mind when looking to donate books, and you may be able to score great literature for free. Plus, your church might allow you to order books through the companies that it uses to purchase this literature.

Try Traditional Christian Bookstores

Depending on where you live, it can be tough to find LDS bookstores in an area that is primarily populated by individuals of other Christian denominations. However, you could be surprised by the literature that you can find in traditional Christian bookstores. Call or stop in one of these stores to find out if there is a section of books for LDS families. There might be more in stock than you think, and you'll have a convenient local option. Some of these stores might not carry the books that you are looking for, but you may be able to order certain literature and have it delivered directly to the store. This is a good option if you're having a hard time finding the literature that you want online.

If you are looking to build a LDS book collection, you might be unsure of how to find good titles to share with your family and other loved ones. However, there are plenty of options for purchasing this literature. Try these above-mentioned tips, and you may be able to find more books than you think. In no time, you should have a nice collection of LDS reading material.