Could Psychics Be Experts On Body Language? Here's Why They Seem To Know So Much

Posted on: 16 December 2015

Visiting a psychic for the first time is typically filled with either skepticism or an expectation of receiving information.  A psychic is someone who claims that they can garner information from extra-sensory perception in some form or fashion. What may surprise a lot of people is how accurate a psychic medium can be. However, one simple reason could be it's a lot more about reading body language cues than pure psychic talent.

How Much You Say When You Say Nothing At All

Humans do very little communicating with their words. A staggering 55 percent of what we say is purely though body language, not words. To someone with an exceptional ability at reading body language, this offers a rare opportunity to know how someone really feels deep down inside. To a person who can tap that ability to really, intuitively understand body language, this could almost translate into mind reading.  

It's much more difficult, sometimes impossible, to stifle body language that gives off your real feelings, particularly when you aren't even aware of how much you are giving away of your true thoughts. When you visit a psychic who can read body language, they will be able to know whether you are uncomfortable, nervous, worried, excited or being honest or lying.

Putting Two And Two Together

When you mix an astute observer of body language and someone who has a firm grasp of human nature and psychology as well, you can find a talented "psychic" to talk with. If this person senses you are very anxious, they may begin to wonder who or what you are anxious about. Most people will have some of the same universal worries – jobs, children, significant others, money.

A psychic can narrow in on your state of mind by observing your body language, then ask probing questions to determine where this anxiety is stemming from. They can quickly put two and two together to make educated guesses about what is going on in your life, and this is where it really can seem like they know all about you – intimately.

Even if you are skeptical whether someone has true psychic abilities, someone who does use observations of body language and human issues can be a terrific sounding board and a way for you to look inside yourself to find answers to your own problems. And who knows? You may walk away with far more insight than you ever expected!

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