Answering Your Questions About The Mourner's Kaddish

Posted on: 27 November 2019

The Jewish faith is one steeped in tradition. One of the traditions that those of the Jewish faith hold dear is the recitation of kaddish following the death of a loved one. Many people find solace in the recitation of kaddish as they mourn their loss.

Understanding more about this prayer can help you see the value of including kaddish in your daily prayers after losing your own loved one in the future.

Who Should You Recite Kaddish For?

There may be some confusion regarding who you should recite kaddish for as you mourn.

Traditionally, the kaddish prayer was recited by males after the loss of a child, parent, or spouse. Today's practitioners of Judaism use the kaddish prayer to honor any lost individual to whom there is a strong emotional tie. This can be a close friend, an extended family member, or a romantic partner.

Both men and women can engage in the recitation of kaddish in modern synagogues.

How Often is Kaddish Recited?

Kaddish is used to help honor the dead and ensure that those left behind look forward and continue to practice their faith. The traditional recitation of kaddish occurs three times per day in organized prayer services. Progressive Jews may choose to recite kaddish in the home, only attending organized prayer services on Shabbat.

The length of time for the kaddish recitation can also vary. You may choose to recite kaddish for 30 days following the death of your loved one, or you may opt to continue your kaddish recitation for an entire year. The duration can vary from one synagogue or family to the next.

Can Kaddish be Outsourced?

Although it is preferable to have the mourner recite kaddish for a loved one in person, modern living may not allow for such a restrictive practice. If you are unable to attend organized prayer services as often as you would like, you can outsource the recitation of kaddish for your loved one.

Organizations have been established to help ensure that those of the Jewish faith are able to honor their loved ones without compromising their ability to meet professional commitments. Your local synagogue should be able to provide you with information on a kaddish recitation service in your area.

The mourner's kaddish is a tradition that traces back to the beginning of the Jewish faith. The more you learn about this important prayer, the more prepared you will be to utilize it as a tool to find solace as you honor your loved one after their death.